The marathon is continuing.

“When They See Us” director Ava DuVernay will produce and direct a feature-length documentary on the late Nipsey Hussle for Netflix, according to Deadline. Netflix reportedly secured the project, after an intense bidding war occurred, for a high eight figures.

This deal comes just less than a year after Hussle was fatally shot outside of his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. Reportedly, Hussle’s estate reached out to DuVernay based on her work with “When They See Us” and 13th.

DuVernay’s 13th went on to be nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2017 Oscar Awards. Hussle became a panelist during the awards season campaign of the film and spoke about how prison systems ruined inner-city communities.

Before his untimely death, Hussle had become a leader in his community by trying to prevent gang violence and giving back to the community. Hussle and his business partners purchased the shopping plaza where he would sell his mixtapes and opened the Marathon Clothing store.

In 2018, Hussle partnered with Vector90 to launch Too Big To Fail, a science technology engineering and math (STEM) program for youth of color. According to the website, the initiative was called “Too Big To Fail” to reflect “the idea that certain institutions in our society are so large and interconnected that their failure would be catastrophic for the entire economy, and therefore must be supported by the broader public when facing potential failure. Our inner-cities are ‘too big to fail,’ but despite their size and potential, have yet to receive the necessary support.”

“I just want to give back in an effective way,” Hussle stated in the Los Angeles Times. “I remember being young and really having the best intentions and not being met on my efforts…you see no structures or infrastructure built and you get a little frustrated.”

Will you be tuning into this Nipsey Hussle documentary?