If there’s anyone who’s had a banner year in music, it’s DaBaby. The North Carolinian star went supersonic in 2019, mainly thanks to his two chart-topping releases Baby On Baby and KIRK, along with a slew of creative visuals and show-stealing features. Unfortunately, that increase in fame also brought additional drama, from heavy-handed security moments and drug/resisting arrest charges to – more recently – hotel staff run-ins and robbery accusations. Through it all, DaBaby keeps his head held high; he makes that much clear with his latest release, the hard-hitting “Shut Up.”

Produced by DJ K.i.D and ForeignGotEm, the track sees the rapper addressing his detractors and letting the world know that, for him and his team, the new decade will be even bigger and better than the last:

“You lookin’ for a lawsuit, pullin’ out your camera, didn’t think I saw you/

Had to stop takin’ pictures ‘cause y’all be in your feelings and I don’t like to argue/

Wanna see me on The Shade Room lookin’ for a come up, wanna see me pay you, huh?/

And I’m the neighborhood hero but I don’t got my cape on ‘cause I’m not trying to save you/

Number one album first week/

Boujee on a b***h, don’t speak/

How the f*** his songs sound the same?/

But he laughing to the bank every week…”

In the accompanying visual (shot by his go-to shooters Reel Goats), DaBaby can be seen running through a whirlwind of shows, strip clubs and mansions, rubbing shoulders with Diddy, the Jabbawockeez, Meek Mill, Shaquille O’Neal, Kanye West and more. The notion is to work hard and play harder, and the Billion Dollar Baby crew is doing just that.

Enjoy the “Shut Up” video below. One can only imagine that DaBaby will continue to increase his work ethic and deliver twice the amount of albums by 2020’s end.