Since releasing their collaborated “Intentions” music video on Thursday (Feb. 6), Justin Bieber and Quavo have reportedly inspired a huge drive of donations toward Los Angeles’ Alexandria House, which serves as a shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness.

According to TMZ, as of Monday (Feb. 10), the Alexandria House website has seen an increase in traffic by 800 percent and received over $10,000 in donations.

Quavo and Bieber first drew attention to the Alexandria House with their “Intentions” video, which spotlighted three women who have benefited from the shelter. The six-minute clip featured Bahri, a Saudi Arabian-American woman who aims to be the first in her family to graduate from college, Marcy, who was raised in foster care and seeks to advocate for foster care youths and poet / musician Angela, who spreads awareness for other women who have experienced homelessness.

“Thank you to the Alexandria House for opening your doors and your hearts to Bahri, Marcy and Angela and this entire community in times of need,” the end of the Michael D. Ratner-directed video reads.

To get the ball rolling, Quavo and Bieber set up the Intentions Fund, donating $200,000 to the shelter and the women and families it helps.

Support for the video and shelter have reportedly flowed in from around the world, with donations coming from Italy, Romania, China and more. According to TMZ, some of the donations will go toward the three women spotlighted in the video. At the end of the clip, Quavo and Bieber gifted Bahri a car to help with her college commute, gave school supplies to Marcy for her foster youth work and rented studio time for Angela so she can work on her art.

Furthermore, TMZ reports that the rest of the donations will go toward the 30 individuals who are current residents at the Alexandria House and to the shelter’s 200 former residents to go toward textbooks, furniture, car repairs and more.

See the inspiring clip below.