Safaree has shared the video for “Parasites,” the opening track for the Love & Hip Hop star’s latest album, Straitt. While the project covers a range of topics, “Parasites” is solely interested in telling the world exactly what Safaree thinks of it, raw and unfiltered. In the song, produced by Travis Kr8ts, Safaree reveals how unimpressed he is by the state of the industry and those looking to him for a come up. The Dream Team Digital-directed video employs flashy, pointed imagery to showcase the rapper’s expensive wares and call out all of the parasites.

The video opens with Safaree enclosed in a circle of media members fighting over a shot of or comment from the artist. His wife, Erica Mena, guards his back as he is barraged with almost autonomous microphones and cameras. Safaree uses the press conference-esque platform to express his disinterest in all of the people trying to leech off of his success while still discrediting his work — ending with a targeted, “If I’m wack why the fuck y’all watching me?” And the only answer we get is a hollow bird whistle from the crowd.

Safaree switches up his wardrobe and flow in the following segment where he strips away the fantasy to reveal the truth about fake characters in the industry. Bathed in the glow of purple neon lights and a ferocious fire, Safaree sends shots at rappers with ghostwriters, opportunistic women and anyone else willing to sacrifice their soul in the name of keeping up with the lifestyle he has earned for himself. To further drive the message home, while Safaree raps an on-the-nose hook, the video draws focus to vibrant shots of a white parrot to illustrate that despite a lack of access to the rapper, others still mimic his style without ever being able to really get it right. As the video concludes, Safaree lets the parrot have the last word — nothing at all.

Watch the “Parasites” video here: