A handwritten note from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is currently up for sale. According to TMZ, the note “shares his personal definition of love.” Apparently, someone had asked MLK what love meant to him and he wrote his response on the piece of paper, which is being sold by memorabilia company Moments in Time for $42,000.

In the note, which does not have a specific date but is assumed to be from the mid-1960s, according to TMZ, he said, “Love is the greatest force in the universe. It is the heartbeat of the moral cosmos. He who loves is a participant in the being of God.”

The outlet reports that anything handwritten by Dr. King is “super rare and valuable” as there aren’t many handwritten documents by the Civil Rights icon available, other than inscribed books.

The note was acquired from a memorabilia dealer in England, who apparently wasn’t aware of its’ value.

Speaking of Civil Rights leaders, Rosa Parks was memorialized with a statue in Alabama on Rosa Parks Day back in December. The iconic leader was replicated into a bronze, life-size statue on the 64th anniversary of the day she refused to give her seat to a White man while on the city bus.

According to CNN, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, the city’s first African American mayor, and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey attended the statue unveiling, which is thought to be located 30 feet from where Parks boarded the segregated bus.

On another note, it was also recently reported that the New York District Attorney’s office is looking to reopen Malcolm X’s murder case following the release of the Netflix documentary series titled, “Who Killed Malcolm X”? According to Pix 11, the series uncovers new evidence that has raised an argument regarding the innocence of the two men who were convicted of murdering Malcolm X.