Despite being behind bars, Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently facing a lawsuit over his hit record “Stoopid.” According to The Blast, Miami rapper Yung Gordon has accused 6ix9ine, producer Tay Keith and Create Music Group for stealing his song. In the lawsuit, a company named Take Money Promotions reached out to Yung Gordon on Instagram looking for “radio drops to be used in its programming.” A “radio drop” is explained in the document as a “short clip of music that is played on the radio. Often artists record drops for radio shows to promote their affiliation with a radio station or promoter.”

Gordon said that he has provided Take Money with radio drops in the past. The drop included nine seconds of music that was written and performed by Yung Gordon and contained the lyrics, “Y’all already know, it be the boy Yung Gordon / You rockin’ with Take Money Promotions / Ay Take Money Promotions / Give ‘em that new sh-t, no fool sh- t/ Oh Yeah, let’s go.”

He went on to say that 6ix9ine and Take Money had a relationship, thus his drop was shared with the rapper. Gordon has accused 6ix9ine of taking the drop and using it on his 2018 record, “Stoopid.”

The lawsuit indicates that “Stoopid” starts with a recording of the drop written and produced by Yung Gordon. The outlet notes that the drop was removed from the “Stoopid” track that is currently available on Spotify. However, it is believed to still be on other versions on different streaming sites or platforms that allow you to purchase the record.

Young Gordon said he did not give 6ix9ine permission to use his drop on the record. The Blast reports that he is suing for an “injunction prohibiting Tekashi from continuing to make money off his work plus unspecified damages.”