Ice Cube sat down with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart as they guest hosted on “The Ellen Show” and shared what he loved most about the late Kobe Bryant.

Stewart brought up the fact that the last time Cube was a guest on “The Ellen Show,” he was there with Bryant. She then asked Cube what he loved about Bryant.

“Man, what I loved about Kobe is that he wasn’t just satisfied with God’s given talents. He wanted to be even better than the talents that God gave him, and so that’s amazing,” he said. “That’s an amazing person ‘cause most people say, ‘Look, I got these gifts. I’mma just kick back and just cruise.’ And he showed you, no, you can always take it even further, and when you think you’re at the top, you can take it even further. We loved Kobe’s spirit more than anything.”

Cube has been taking it pretty hard since the news of Bryant’s death. A few days after his death, Cube spoke to ESPN about the impact that Bryant had on the city of Los Angeles.

Kobe is some of the glue that holds LA together,” he said.

He then spoke about who he immediately texted when he heard about Bryant’s passing.

Kobe,” he responded. “To see if he would hit me back. When I didn’t get it back, you don’t immediately start to worry because you know it’s Kobe. He always gets back sooner or later.” Reality began to set in for Cube.

“I just tossed and turned all night thinking about Vanessa, his daughters, his mother, his father and his sisters, Vanessa’s parents…just everybody in his immediate life who loved him and what they lost,” he continued. “I know what we lost as fans. Me personally, I don’t have too many heroes that’s younger than me and [he] was one of them. It’s profound.”

Take a look at Cube’s interview on “The Ellen Show” below.