Kodak Black is speaking out once again from behind bars. In his latest Instagram post, Kodak reassures his fans that he is not in prison “crying or sad or some shit,” but he wants his fans to know that he will not stay silent about things that have happened to him since he has been imprisoned.

He wrote, “First Off, If You Know Me, You Know Was Up & You Know What Da Play Is! But Sincerely from the FINESSE KID himself, Don’t Even Think A Nigga In This Bitch Crying Or Sad Or Some shit. This Is Where I’m From, I Been Doing This Shit & I’ll Do It Again! Granted!”

He continued, “But Why Should I Sit In This Bitch & Let These Ppl Do Me Any Kinda Way? Why Stay Mute When You Have A Voice? Yea, Yea And As Far As Da Ma Dukes Go, Ya Ion Really Appreciate How Buddy Got Her Out There All Down Bad & Shit But In The Same Token, Dam Right The Ol Girl Ain’t Really Feelin How These Ppl Playing With Her Youngest, But A Nigga Thuggin Da Greatest Tho! Nevertheless! Granted! Basically, Don’t Get This Shit Fucked Up!”

Kodak is currently serving a 46-month prison sentence, for weapons charges, with his potential release date in 2022. He recently filed to appeal his sentence on grounds of a technicality.

Kodak’s lawyer Bradford Cohen claims that Kodak was incorrectly labeled as a prior convicted felon, a technicality that could have affected his sentence. While Kodak has previously entered guilty pleas, the plea deals would have kept convictions off his record. Since he is not a prior convicted felon, Cohen believes the mislabeling caused him to have a harsher sentence.

By appealing his sentence, Cohen aims to bring his release date to late 2021 instead.

“Yes the appellate brief should be filed this week,” Cohen wrote on Instagram on Tuesday (Feb. 4). “It’s not a question of ‘I got screwed.’ It’s a question of law. Kodak was never a convicted felon previous to this charge. This charge in federal court was a false reporting charge for failing to disclose that he had a pending charge while applying for a firearm. If the appeal is successful, it would shave about 10 more months off the 2022 release date.”

Kodak was recently transferred out of a Miami prison, following his claims of abuse. He said that the guards were “strategically” trying to kill him by denying him food and allegedly drugging him.

Take a look at his Instagram post below.