Four years since his last last full-length project, Nigerian-American rapper Obie Iyoha is back with his BumbleBee EP. The seven-track blend of afrowave, hip-hop, and afro-soul was created as an ode to the yellow hatchback his mother gifted him after his car broke down and was official pronounced dead.

Speaking more on the release, Obie shares:

A week after I got back from Nigeria in mid-2017, my car broke down and I was salty. Salty because I had big plans to launch my newly founded production company ‘Llama Haus’. Salty because I could not afford another major set back if I had any hopes of breaking through the noise with this new wave of music stirring around in my soul. My mother blessed me with a phone call about a week and some change after my car was pronounce dead, and said “I bought you a car. It’s a gift, but you’re going to pay me back!’. I could barely contain my excitement, but then she sent me a photo of the car she had got me, and my heart dropped into my bowels. A bright yellow hatch back with four doors and low mileage. I thought she was playing a joke on me to be honest, so I laughed, and with gratitude I hopped into this car and began my journey. This EP is an ode to the vehicle that stuck it out with me and my squad around the country for my first pop-up tour, rain- sleet-hail-snow, and through my journey creating my forthcoming album ‘PNKMN’, set to be released in 2020. I named her ‘Bumbe Bee’.” – Obie

If you like what you hear, make sure to keep an eye out for his forthcoming album PNKMN ( expected to drop sometime this year).