Nicki Minaj is coming out of early retirement with some heat for the Barbz.

She posted a video to her social media accounts showing off a new track to her fans. Minaj raps along to the untitled track in the video and flips the camera around to show that she is in her custom studio.

She raps, “Woke up, the price of coke up/ I just hit them with the low cut, then call my folks up / Somebody ‘bout to get poked up, go call the tow truck/ All that talking out your neck might just get your throat cut/ This a Mac truck, not a black truck/ When we move tell ‘em, Back up, click c-clack, duck/ Hella bands, pull up, stashed up super facts up.”

She adds, “All you bitches Rosa Parks, uh-oh, get your ass up/ Yikes, you a clown, you do IT for likes.”

Seeing that it is the first week of Black History Month, some fans weren’t too happy with the Rosa Parks bar. Some say the line is disrespectful and makes light of Parks’ activism.

One upset user tweeted, “Nicki Minaj consistently disrespects Foundational Black American icons in her raps and cover art, like Malcolm X and now Rosa Parks, because as a Trinidadian, she doesn’t identify with our FBA lineage. She would never say anything disrespectful about Trinidadian icons.”

Another user tweeted, “Not only is the Nicki Minaj Rosa Parks line disrespectful, it makes no sense. Cause Rosa didnt get up. Or is she speaking from the white power side of it? TRASHHHHHH.”

Some people defended Minaj’s lyrics saying that her bar wasn’t disrespectful to the civil rights activist and they pointed out that other rappers have said worse.

One user tweeted, “Niggas really mad over Nicki’s lil Rosa Parks line? Y’all let Wayne get away with saying beat that pussy up like Emmett Till & didnt bat an eyelash. please go to hell.”

Coincidentally, today (Feb. 4) happens to be Parks’ birthday. She would have been 107 years old.

Listen to the snippet of Minaj’s new song below.