According to TMZ, Azriel Clary is planning to launch her own foundation to support female abuse victims, specifically women of color. Since leaving R. Kelly’s Trump Tower residence and reuniting with her family last month, Clary has reportedly committed herself to helping others heal their trauma.

Furthermore, the outlet reports that she will also work for her father’s nonprofit, Team Truth. The organization aims to educate minors and their families about the different types of abuse and supports them in escaping it.

Since relaunching her Twitter account, Clary has shared the different ways she’s been reclaiming control of her life.

“It’s so sad how people don’t want to see you grow, be happy or chase your dreams,” she tweeted on Jan. 17. “I had goals in 2015.. why is it a crime to get my life back on track? Maybe me chasing my dreams is a form of healing? Maybe that’s a form of knowing I could have always done it had I believed in… myself. Regardless I’m not going to let my past define me, I’m picking up the pieces and creating a better future for myself. I’m turning a negative into a positive and anyone should be happy to see someone who was once in a dark spot blossom.”

Besides the advocacy work, Clary has also returned to her musical pursuits. According to her Twitter, her “On the Run with Azriel” YouTube series will combine both her singing and nonprofit passions.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Clary has begun assisting authorities in the federal case against Kelly in New York. According to the outlet, Clary is no longer afraid of exposing her ex-boyfriend because she has cut off her communication from him entirely.

Joycelyn Savage, on the other hand, was last seen ignoring her family after leaving court for her battery case, despite meeting and talking with her family member before a previous hearing.