Yo Gotti is a free man! The Memphis rapper has announced that he has gotten out of his recording contract and now owns his masters.

In an Instagram post he wrote, “Drop My Album, Out My Deal, Own My MASTERS …. 🏆 ALL IN DA 1st Month of da Year 2020 GONE BE DIFFERENT #UnTrapped FORRREAL ‼️.” He tagged Roc Nation and CMG in the post, which are the only two companies that he is currently with.

Not only is Gotti out of his contract, he is making sure he helps those that are currently behind bars.

Gotti is following in the footsteps of his friend Jay Z in the social justice department. The “Rake It Up” rapper has recently made headlines as he called for the Governor of Mississippi to immediately make changes in the prisons following the deaths of inmates after videos surfaced of them living in inhumane conditions.

The letter claimed that the inmates are “forced to live in squalor, with rats that crawl over them as they sleep on the floor, having been denied even a mattress for a cot.” Gotti added that the state’s prison conditions are “absolutely inhumane and unconstitutional.”

After the letter to Governor went unanswered, Gotti and Roc Nation filed a lawsuit against the state on behalf of the prisoners.

The suit, which was filed on Tuesday (Jan. 14), calls out Parchman Farm prison, the state’s only max-security prison for men, where three inmates have already been stabbed to death this year. The suit also claims that the Mississippi prison system is “chronically understaffed” and underfunded, with Parchman not even having enough mattresses for prisoners.

“The lives of countless individuals in Mississippi prisons are at stake,” Gotti told TMZ. “We will not stop until this is fixed.”

Gotti dropped his latest album Untrapped on January 31, which is believed to have been the last album to fulfill his contractual obligations.

Congratulations to Yo Gotti on his boss moves.