Taking to Twitter on Saturday (Feb. 1), YG sided with Meek Mill in warning young artists about accepting predatory record deals.

“Dear young artist, Make sure not to sign to a wack ass record label!” he wrote.

YG’s tweet arrives just a few days after Meek Mill issued a similar warning.

“Wassup with all these DIFFERENT RACE men got all these young black kids in slave contracts in the music business?” the Philadelphia rapper tweeted on Tuesday (Jan. 28), adding that new artists can find fair contracts at his Dream Chasers label and Roc Nation.

“Come get wit us you need help fixing ya situation #DC X #ROCNATION it’s literally stealing now we found something we can get rich off!” he wrote.

YG and Mill’s warnings are only the latest addition to the predatory record deal conversation. Mill first aired his frustration with “slave” labels back in December.

“What about major companies taking kids from the ghetto and got them signing they lives away for a lil bit of money?” he wrote. “We taking control of that 2020 and exposing the people offering these slave deals! Ima get some lawyers to break down some of these deals y’all offering these kids.”

Although he now owns his own Roc Nation imprint, Mill—and many other rappers—have at one time been on the wrong side of an unfair label deal. YG hasn’t vented publicly about label frustrations too much; however, he has owned his own Interscope imprint, 4Hunnid, since 2016.

In other YG news, the California rapper recently reaffirmed his relationship status with Kehlani on Instagram.

“You know wassup!” he captioned a photo of them snuggled up together on Friday (Jan. 31).

The couple had called it quits in December, with Kehlani tweeting, “I am single. and focused.”

YG’s caption may be a nod to Kehlani’s previously leaked song, “You Know Wassup,” which had initially suggested the two were still together, following YG’s cheating scandal.