Meek Mill is calling out the music industry for taking advantage of young, black artists once again.

The Philly rapper took to Twitter to share his thoughts on black artists getting exploited by music executives. He tweeted, “Wassup with all these DIFFERENT RACE men got all these young black kids in slave contracts in the music business? Come get wit us you need help fixing ya situation #DC X #ROCNATION it’s literally stealing now we found something we can get rich off!”

This isn’t the first time Meek has equated slavery to the music industry. Back in December, he tweeted, “What about major companies taking kids from the ghetto and got them signing they lives away for a lil bit of money?We taking control of that 2020 and exposing the people offering these slave deals! Ima get some lawyers to break down some of these deals y’all offering these kids.”

Meek recently announced a relaunch of his Dream Chasers Records in a collaboration with Roc Nation.

“Everything he [Meek] has done leading up to this point shows he is ready to [lead] the next generation. We look at the big picture — this is way beyond signing artists and having hot records,” said Jay Z.

Meek has previously shared his passion for wanting to help young artists.

“I’m 32 years old, I’m in a nice spot in the music business and I think it’s time for me to focus on growing artists because that’s what I love to do,” he told Rolling Stone. “I love to spend time on helping artists grow, and I think it’s time for me to dive in, business-wise.”

The rapper also recently launched a Twitter initiative to support new artists.

“Ima start something call #passtheaux for up and coming artist that’s flame and ima have 10 celebs post you to give you a push… and twitter gone be the judge!” he wrote on Twitter.