Team Roc has released video footage showing the violence and inhumane conditions inside of a Mississippi penitentiary.

Team Roc tweeted out the gruesome video with the caption, “An exclusive look at the horrifying, inhumane conditions from inside the walls of #Mississippi’s #ParchmanPrison. Sign the petition for #msprisonreformnow at”

In the video, which was shot by inmates on contraband phones, you can see what looks like a knife fight between two men. There is also footage of filthy living conditions inside of the prison, including no running water and clogged toilets.

There were also prisoners with horrible injuries who were not receiving medical attention. There was video footage of inmates sleeping on floors and cots that were on the floor.

Yo Gotti and Team Roc have taken legal action on behalf of the inmates. They recently filed for an emergency protective court order in federal court. The footage of the prison will be added to their filing.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves announced that he will shut down one section of the prison, which is understaffed, according to Team Roc. Yo Gotti says that closing one section of the prison is just a small improvement.

He told TMZ, “Governor Reeves’ plan to close down a Parchman prison unit that has caused devastating deaths is a necessary first step. Beyond that, he must implement broader safety measures to address similar issues in other units and urgently provide inmates with medical attention. In the interim, we’re calling for the Department of Justice to step in, move the Parchman inmates to federal prisons and ensure their immediate well-being.”

Just last week, Governor Reeves complained about the inmates having phones in prison. He blamed the violence on the phones.

Team Roc has also filed a lawsuit against Mississippi prison officials to come up with an immediate plan of action to help the inmates.

Check out the very graphic video below.