There has been buzz surrounding another biopic on the late Whitney Houston and most recently, her sister-in-law shared who she thinks should play the role of the iconic singer. According to TMZ, Pat Houston revealed that Taraji P. Henson would be ideal to play Houston in a film based on her life.

In a report from the Los Angeles Times, Clive Davis shared that he has plans to make his own Whitney Houston biopic. Davis, who said that he was “very disappointed” by the two recent documentaries about the singer, Whitney and Whitney: Can I Be Me, had a very close relationship with her and is letting her family have input in his project.

“The story of Whitney Houston has not been told yet,” Davis told the publication.

“You think Clive is doing this alone?” Pat Houston told TMZ. “We’re a part of it also.”

While Pat did not reveal who has been tapped to play Whitney, she did said, “I love Taraji Henson,” Houston said. “I love Taraji. I love quite a few of them, but Taraji is my girl. I can’t really talk about that biopic… You asked me who I would like. I like Taraji.”

If Davis does release his own biopic, this will be the third on Houston.

Back in 2018, Whitney’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, filed a $2 million lawsuit against Showtime Networks, BBC and the producers of the singer’s ‘Can I Be Me’ documentary. According to USA Today, the singer claimed that the film used footage from his 2005 reality TV series “Being Bobby Brown” improperly.

“Every person should have the right to control how their identity or likeness or personality, or voice, name or image is commercialized by others,” Brown’s team said in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit added, “The footage was actually recorded prior to the divorce in 2007 between Brown and Houston. Brown never signed or executed a release for the airing of the material that appears in the film. The footage of Brown is approximately fifteen years old… Assuming that Plaintiff(s) have proper title to the footage, they do not have proper title to its contents.”