Gabrielle Union is pissed after Terry Crews went on the “Today” show and said that he has never experienced racism on “America’s Got Talent” which is exactly opposite of what Union said about working for the show.

Crews told “Today” that he couldn’t speak on any sexism at “AGT,” but he also said that he never experienced any racism there as well.

“First of all, I can’t speak for sexism because I’m not a woman, but I can speak on behalf of any racism comments,” he said. “That was never my experience. In fact, it was the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment. When you look at what the allegations were about, it was given by an unnamed source. It’s funny because I believe you should listen to women, you should always believe women, so I asked my wife what I should do. She was like, ‘first of all, if it’s coming from an unnamed source — because Gabrielle Union has not made any statement to this day about any of these allegations publicly … if she hasn’t made a statement, why would you?’”

Union, who was let go from “AGT” after expressing concerns about racism and sexism on set, took to Twitter to seemingly address Crews’ comments.

In response to a fan who tweeted her “love and support,” Union tweeted, “Thank u! Cuz girlllllll 😐 Truth telling, wanting change & having MULTIPLE witnesses who bravely came forward to let EVERYONE know I didn’t lie or exaggerate, really exposes those who enthusiastically will throw you under the bus, forgetting quickly who stepped up 4 THEIR truth.”

Crews is currently getting criticized on Twitter for not supporting Union, although she supported him when he came forward saying that he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive.

Take a look at Union’s tweets below.