DaBaby may be turning over a new leaf after he had a conversation with Diddy about the recent drama that he has been involved in.

The “Suge” rapper posted a video to Instagram telling his fans how the conversation went. He said he hit Diddy up after he left the studio and Diddy invited him over. When he arrived, Diddy was in the middle of a meeting, but stopped to introduce him to everyone there. Diddy then put DaBaby in a friendly chokehold, which he says he probably deserved.

He then says they went out back and had a grown man conversation. He said that so much knowledge was passed to him from Diddy during that talk and it really opened his eyes. DaBaby now says that he is turning over a new leaf. He thanked Diddy for being a “big brother” to him.

DaBaby is also changing things with his health. He recently announced that he stopped smoking marijuana.

The “Suge” rapper responded to a fan who tweeted that he looked “high” in a picture he posted of himself. She tweeted, “Baby you look high asl in this one.” He replied, “I haven’t smoked since the ball dropped.”

DaBaby also says that he is trying to give up liquor as well. He says that he is doing “wine only” but admits he slipped up and had a little tequila with his friends.

“Wine Only. But bruh nem had me on the Patron last night,” he tweeted back to a fan who claimed that he had appeared drunk in that same photo.

DaBaby was recently accused of assaulting a Beverly Hills hotel worker. In the hotel video, you can see the Charlotte rapper push the employee down into a chair. DaBaby later addressed the video, saying that the hotel employee continued to take footage of him while he was with his daughter. He claims he asked the employee not to take pics because he didn’t want the safety of his daughter at risk.

Take a look at DaBaby explain how his conversation with Diddy went down.