The NFL and Roc Nation delivered the latest “Everyone’s Child” PSA on Wednesday (Jan. 22), which focuses on the tragic death of Botham Jean. The 26-year-old man was fatally shot in his apartment by off-duty police officer Amber Guyger in September 2018.

The tear-jerking two-minute clip includes a slideshow of photos of Botham, while his mother narrates. Botham’s father and sister also speak during the video.

Botham Jean is my son. He is an active child, He is the light in any dark room,” his mother begins. “To know Botham was to love Botham. The world has lost a great man. He was destined for greatness.”

“Botham was everything to us,” his father says. “I just can’t do without him being here. I look forward to the day Botham would have gotten married, having kids. Life is not sweet anymore.”

Botham’s brother Brandt, who hugged and forgave Guyger during her trial, does not appear in the clip.

“Why should there be hatred for each other?” Botham’s father asks. “My young son demonstrated forgiveness. Brandt forgave the woman who just killed his brother.”

“The color of my skin can be perceived as a weapon,” Botham’s sister Alissa Findley says in the clip. “And it’s not.”

Findley launched the Botham Jean Foundation to continue her brother’s legacy.

“I’m thankful that the NFL created this PSA to honor Botham’s legacy and deliver an important message about empathy and unity,” she told ABC News in a statement. “I truly hope that our society learns from Botham’s story—and the stories of many others—so we can make a lasting change in this world. Together, we must all set a better example for future generations and leaders.”

“What I hope to see happening is that our Black boys are not seen as a threat,” Botham’s mother, Allison, closed out the PSA. “What has happened to Botham should not happen to another family. There are things that must be done and must be done quickly.”

Meek Mill and his Dream Chasers Roc Nation imprint previously issued the first two “Everyone’s Child” PSAs. The series is a part of the NFL and Roc Nation-led “Inspire Change” initiative, which was launched last January.

See the entire PSA below.