Swae Lee is making his pitch to NFL executives for him to sing the National Anthem at the next Super Bowl.

TMZ caught up with the Rae Sremmurd rapper at Beauty and Essex Sunday (Jan. 19) night and asked him what his thoughts were on Demi Lovato being chosen to sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV.

He started to sing the National Anthem before he got into his car. He then says “I can hit that, no autotune.” He also says that he knows that Demi will kill it this year, but he wants the NFL execs know that he would like to sing the National Anthem at next year’s Super Bowl.

Swae seems to be in good spirits following the devastating news that his stepfather, Floyd Sullivan, was shot to death by his younger brother, Michael Sullivan.

Following the heartbreaking news, Swae took to Twitter to share his thoughts. In one tweet, he tweeted heartbroken emojis. He then tweeted, “I pray this world let’s me keep some compassion” followed by, “I’ve been tested my whole life.”

Swae also took to his Instagram account to post about his stepfather’s death. “Life has a crazy way of making sure your still on your toes,” he wrote on his Instagram story. “OG Gone live forever.”

Swae’s 19-year-old brother is currently in jail for the murder. Their mother, Bernadette Walker, says that her son suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder, which means he suffers from schizophrenia, hallucinations, delusions and mood disorders that can include mania and depression.

Swae also announced that he will be joining Post Malone on tour. The “Runaway Tour” kicks off Feb. 4 in Omaha, Nebraska and will go until Mar. 21 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tyla Yaweh will also be joining Post and Swae on the tour.

How do you think Swae would do if he sang the National Anthem at next year’s Super Bowl?