With Sunday (Jan. 19) marking what would’ve been Mac Miller’s 28th birthday, social media was flooded with heartfelt messages from fellow rappers, fans and family members.

“Happy birthday dear friend, until we meet again,” Anderson .Paak, a close friend and collaborator, wrote on Twitter.

“Happy Bday [Mac Miller],” Juicy J wrote. “I miss you bro.”

Miller’s brother also shared a lengthy post on Instagram.

“Sitting by the window in the hospital after your birth is a good first memory. mom’s nurse brought mint jelly. man i’m so proud of you. and i miss you,” his post read. “I’m mad that we won’t be sitting on a porch talking about baldness. and babies. maybe there’s a version of that still. hard to let go. wish you were really here. bet they throw a good party. you’re the best, hope you know it. funny, kind, messy. old tender wisdom. love you, love you. big smelly bear hug.”

On Friday, Miller’s family released his final album, Circles.

According to CBS Local Pittsburgh, Miller’s hometown also threw a week-long celebration in honor of the late rapper’s birthday. Hundreds of fans reportedly gathered on the city’s North Side for an unveiling of an honorary Miller mural. At a local art gallery, fans listened to Miller’s music, admired paintings and ate birthday cake.

“I’m super happy,” the event’s organizer Zach DiMartini told the outlet. “I’m thankful for everyone that came out and I’m glad we all got together to celebrate one person we all truly care about.”

The birthday celebration also raised money for The Mac Miller Fund, which supports adolescent musicians and those battling drug addiction.

“Like how he lived out his with the music aspect,” DiMartini said of the charity. “He wants artists to continue to do what they’re doing and know that someone’s there to help them like he was helped.”

See more tweets honoring Miller’s birthday below.