The Game may have helped a group of kids avoid getting into legal trouble with the police.

The Los Angeles rapper saw police officers talking to kids who were selling candy outside at night. TMZ reports that a local business contacted police and reported the kids for soliciting outside of their establishment. To avoid the kids getting into trouble by the police, Game intervened and began talking to the kids.

The Born 2 Rap rapper also gave the kids enough cash to cover the amount of candy they were selling, and even let them keep the candy.

The Game spoke to TMZ about the situation saying that he was “giving jewels to the youth” so that they could avoid a police interaction.

“We got kids out here that’s selling candy, you got the boys in blue that are trying to do their job, and you got me who’s giving jewels to the youth,” Game said. “If you going to sell candy at night, there’s a way to do it. We don’t want you to get hit by the boys in blue. We want you to go home with your basket empty.”

Before Game could finish the interview, he saw Freddie Gibbs walking up and called him over. The Game whispered to Freddie about how the cops were “on him” for helping out with the kids. Freddie didn’t seem surprised and said “Aye, them niggas fuck with me every time I come out this motherfucker.”

The Game recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of his album The Documentary. He celebrated by hosting a pop up at Cookies N Kicks in Los Angeles. The pop up was free and open to the public. Fans were able to take their own The Documentary album cover photo and they were also able to buy merch.

Check out the video below.