Vic Mensa was recently arrested for possession of brass knuckles, which is a felony. According to TMZ, the rapper was riding on a motorcycle in Glendale, California earlier this month, when police reportedly saw him “make an unsafe turn.” Law enforcement sources said an officer pulled Mensa over and patted him down during the traffic stop. The officer found the brass knuckles in the rapper’s pants pocket.

The brass knuckles, which are considered a “first-load weapon” is legal in most states for self-defense purposes. However, they are banned in the state of California.

The Chicago rapper was booked for felony possession of brass knuckles. He was released after posting $20,000 bond.

Despite this incident, Mensa has been pushing for positivity and responsible actions, especially within the rap industry. Following the death of Juice WRLD, he told TMZ that the hip hop community needed to take responsibility for the messages in their music.

“I think that, as members of the hip-hop community, we need to take responsibility for the things that we say,” Vic said. “We need to recognize that the shit we talk about influences children. So when we are steady pushing a message of lean and Percocets and Xans, we are polluting the minds of the youth.”

He continued, “We have a responsibility to give it to them in a real way. Not to say that you can’t talk about your real life and the things that are happening but I think that we need to start holding each other and ourselves accountable for our glorification of the drug culture, 100 percent. That’s just what it is. Anything else, that’s parasitic to our people to just act like this is the shit to be on lean all the time.”

Mensa has battled with drug addiction in the past as well.