The back and forth between Future and his alleged baby mama Eliza Seraphin continues. Following claims that the rapper refused to take a DNA test for his alleged daughter, The Blast is reporting that he wants Eliza Reign to undergo a mental exam in court.

Court documents obtained by the site claim that Future has asked the court to force his alleged baby mama to undergo a “psychological and mental health evaluation.” He has accused her of defaming his name on social media. The rapper also thinks she suffers from a mental disorder and is requesting that the court intervenes.

Future has also noted Eliza’s alleged history of violence and arrests for assault. While Future did not acknowledge whether or not he is the father of Eliza’s daughter Reign, he did accuse her of “plotting to get pregnant by a rich man.” He added that he believes Eliza is attempting to publicly embarrass and harass him.

He is also demanding that Eliza “undergo the mental exam to determine if she is fit to be a mother.”

Meanwhile, during a recent interview with Rah Ali on ONSITE! TV, Eliza spoke on Future and her pregnancy. She said she met the rapper in 2012 when she booked him at a club. They reportedly messed around for years before Eliza got pregnant. She claimed that they talked throughout her pregnancy and Future allegedly told her to let her know when the baby was coming. She added that he promised to take care of their child financially.

She also admitted to never being in love with the rapper. She did, however, say that she would let her daughter meet Future’s other kids. “Of course. Odd circumstances but that’s a child’s right. The children are innocent,” Eliza said.

Eliza sued Future last year, accusing him of being the father of her daughter.