The alleged baby mother of Future says that the rapper is refusing to take a DNA test to prove the paternity of her daughter, Reign Wilburn.

Eliza Seraphin answered a few questions from her fans on Instagram and of course fans wanted to know the status of the alleged paternity test with Future. One fan asked, “Did he take the test yet?” She replied with a gif of the word “Nah.”

Another fan asked, “What’s stopping future from taking the dna test?” Seraphin simply replied, “his ego.”

She then sent a message out to all of the people who said that she is jealous of Future’s recent trip to Jamaica with his alleged girlfriend, Lori Harvey. She wrote, “And y’all can stop with the ‘she’s pressed about Jamaica.’ I ain’t trippin off that. That man been told me he’s getting married. I just want him to do right by his kids ALL OF THEM. Now go check on somebody else who cares.”

Earlier this week, Seraphin spoke out about the “Life Is Good” rapper’s absence in his daughter’s life on Rah Ali’s “ONSITE!” podcast. During the interview, she claimed that Future communicated with her throughout the pregnancy. She says he told her to inform him when the baby was coming and promised to take care of the child financially.

Seraphin also said that she is not concerned about Future dating Harvey, but she hopes that Harvey can make him a better father to his children.

Future recently went public with his relationship with Harvey after the two celebrated her 23rd birthday in Jamaica. He posted a picture of the two booed up in the pool together with the caption, “Life is good.” Harvey posted videos of the two sharing a kiss and even thanked him for planning her entire birthday trip out.

Serpahin has sued Future for paternity, but so far, a test has not been given. Future has requested a gag order in the paternity lawsuit.