New Orleans police have issued a warrant for Cleveland Browns’ player Odell Beckham Jr. after he slapped a police officer on the butt. He is being accused of simple battery.

Monday (Jan. 13) night, Beckham was at the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome celebrating LSU’s championship win with the team.

According to, an officer was seen talking to LSU guard Damien Lewis after the team beat Clemson for the national championship title. In the end of a now viral video, Beckham can be seen slapping the police officer on the butt.

A law enforcement source said authorities originally pursued a warrant for a misdemeanor sexual battery charge, but the judge declined it. The warrant was sent again as a count of simple battery, and the judge approved it.

According to Louisiana law, simple battery is defined as “battery committed without the consent of the victim.” That crime, if convicted, calls for up to six months in prison and a maximum fine of $1,000. It also expungeable for first-time offenders.

The Cleveland Browns have released a statement regarding the situation, to let the media know that they are aware of the incident.

”We are aware of the incident and have been in touch with Odell and his representatives on the matter,” the statement read. “They are cooperating with the proper authorities to appropriately address the situation.”

The butt-slapping incident was not the only controversy that Beckham was involved in that day. He is also being investigated for allegedly giving cash to players on the field after the game ended.

LSU’s athletic department said that they don’t know whether or not Beckham gave the players real money or fake money, but the bills that were found on the field after the game, were real bills.

Check out the video of Beckham slapping the officer on the butt below.