The organization Fighting All Monsters, also called FAM, is hoping to catch Diddy’s eye with the launch of a viral dancing campaign. The nonprofit organization works to spread awareness about childhood cancer and supports families with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Kids around the country teamed up to dance to Diddy’s “Bad Boys For Life” in the hopes that he will join them on national TV.

“To see it in the video like that is uplifting, and I think it’s powerful,” Laura Incarnato, whose son is battling Leukemia, told Oklahoma News 9. “It gives them a voice that they don’t have, and it’s a way to show them that they are strong and they are fighting through this.”

FAM enlisted children and families across the US to participate in the Diddy-inspired video as a way to spread awareness and support for pediatric cancer. In the clip, kids and teens dance to Diddy’s song, making “Bad Boys For Life” their cancer-fighting anthem.

“It talks about surviving what you’ve been through, kind of [being] the black sheep in the community, type thing,” Incarnato says of the song. “And that’s, somehow, what pediatric cancer can feel like.”

Snoop Dogg is also featured in the music video, asking, “Can you dance with the kids, Puff? Please?”

FAM’s main goal is foster awareness and support. The nonprofit’s website reads that their mission is to “bring quality support to families with children facing life-threatening challenges.” The FAM website further says its range of services have been “curated to enable us to stand by families physically, finically and emotionally.”

“The donations help kids with end-of-life care,” Incarnato said. “They donate money to families that need it. They just recently gave away $100,000 during the month of December.”

Ultimately, FAM and the kids who participated in the music video are hoping Diddy will join them in dancing to his song on “Ellen.”

“The goal would be to dance with him on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show,’” Incarnato continued. “How cool would that be?”

See the inspiring video below.

Puffy, Will you dance with us?

Its official ✅ We survived what we’ve been through 💪
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Posted by FAM – Fighting All Monsters on Tuesday, December 31, 2019