Ja Rule wants to put the Fyre Festival drama behind him and earn the trust of his fans again.

Ja took to Twitter to let his fans know about his new business, Value Tax. In a series of tweets, Ja Rule promoted his new venture by tweeting a flyer of the business and by telling fans that they should come get their taxes done there.

He tweeted, “IT’S TAX SEASON!!! It’s simple walk in let us do your taxes, walk out with cash in hand… we also do credit repair!!! #Valuetax.”

Fans on Twitter quickly called Ja Rule out for wanting to steal people’s hard-earned money. One Twitter user wrote, “*sees Ja Rule trending* What this fool schemin’ now? *clicks* *sees the reason why Ja Rule is trending* After what happened at fyre fest, Ja Rule…everyone can agree when I say this: 🗣 AIN’T NOBODY IN THIS WORLD LETTING YOU DO THEIR TAXES!”

Ja Rule does have a little experience in the world of taxes. In 2011, he plead guilty to three counts of failing to file his tax returns between 2004 and 2008. Court filings allege he made more than $4 million in that time but didn’t let the feds know about it.

Not only did Ja Rule have a run-in with law when it came to his taxes, he also was accused of stealing money from Fyre Festival goers. He was recently dismissed from a $100 million class-action lawsuit filed by Fyre festival attendees. Plaintiffs were unable to prove that Ja Rule’s promotion of the event on his social pages directly led to their ticket purchases.

More than 5,000 people purchased tickets to the weekend-long event in 2017, expecting a luxury experience. What attendees actually received were cheese sandwiches, tents to sleep in, and rain-soaked mattresses.

Would you trust Ja Rule with your taxes? Take a look at some of the Twitter reactions below.