Offset has settled his $210,000 tax debt.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Georgia Department of Revenue has released a lien filed against the Migos rapper.

Back in August, the Georgia Department of Revenue accused Offset of owing $210,228.91. The debt was owed for 2017 and grew with interest. The original amount owed was $146,845.83, but $15,000 was added in interest and another $18,000 in penalties.

Offset was recently sued by a Beverly Hills jeweler after he didn’t pay his $47,000 bill.

According to TMZ, “Peter Marco of Extraordinary Jewels Beverly Hills is going after the Migos rapper for $47,000, for what he claims are unpaid fees from an October 2018 transaction at his store. The legal docs — obtained by TMZ — include a copy of an invoice allegedly showing Offset bought some bling for $110k, but only paid $63k at the time … leaving the balance of $47k.”

Marco claims that he and his legal team sent Offset a letter in early December demanding a payment within seven days, but the letter may have never been received. Marco is now taking legal action seeking the full payment, plus interest and legal fees. The lawsuit also lists Quality Control Music COO Kevin “Coach K” Lee.

Offset and Coach have not made any statements regarding the lawsuit.

Back in December, Cardi B gifted Offset with $500,000 cash for his 28th birthday. The “Press” rapper posted a video to Instagram revealing the surprise gift she gave to her husband. She said, “You got every car, you got every jewelry … you got everything! What else can I give somebody that got everything? A fridge!” Offset opened the fridge and wads of cash were sitting in there as his gift.

The couple also purchased an Atlanta mansion with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four half-baths, and a gun range for $5.79 million.