Keen-eyed fans may have just discovered the tracklist for Big Sean’s next album.

On Tuesday (Jan. 14), YK Osiris shared a photo of the two artists together.

“The way I see it , if you want the rainbow you got to put up with the rain,” he captioned the Instagram post.

Peeking out in the background of the photo—several observant fans noted—is a whiteboard with Detroit II written on it and what appears to be a tracklist. Detroit, Sean’s fourth mixtape, was released in 2012.

Although the words on the board are difficult to make out, several names appear on the project’s supposed tracklist, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, Future and more.

Recently, Sean Don has also been dropping hints at his upcoming project on social media.

“Guess I got a good deadline for the new album now?” he tweeted, referring to his forthcoming Coachella performance in April.

He also responded to a tweet from Jay Electronica, who wrote “to me, Big Sean got one of the most underrated pens of this time.”

“30 seconds after I played him 2 songs off da album,” Sean retweeted.

While he hasn’t confirmed that Detroit II is in fact the name of his forthcoming album, it’s clear Sean is cooking something up. Closing out 2019, he previously thanked his fans for their support and promised to go “hard” in 2020.

“Thank u for a decade that changed my life. Through the the ups n downs I managed to do the impossible where I’m from n became one of the top selling hip hop artists of the decade, 52 million records sold n counting, ain’t even dropped no project in the last couple years,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “Like I said on my 1st album ‘never made da crowds fans, I made them all fam.’ N I apologize for the distance n lack of communication but life is life. 2020 we back goin hard tho, fu*k all dat otha sh*t .”