Over the weekend, Yung Joc’s name made headlines after a video surfaced online, which showed him driving for an Atlanta rideshare company called Pull Up N Go. The “Stuntin’ Is A Habit” rapper received mixed reactions from fans, with some poking fun at his new profession. However, in a new interview with TMZ, Joc says he’s proud to work for the company and set a good example for kids.

“So, I’m a part of this organization, it’s been around for 25 years, Big Brother Big Sister,” he told the outlet. “And a lot of times, when we’re talking to these kids and youth, you gotta lead by example.”

Joc says driving for the rideshare company sets an example of hard work and humility for the kids he mentors through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta.

“You have to show people that you not too big, you have to show them what humility is,” he said. “You have to show them that you not too big to do the right thing and make an honest living.”

“I think that’s the reason that sometimes kids and even adults go astray, because they’re too ashamed, too prideful, to do something,” he continued.

As for Joc’s current financial situation, he told the outlet he has no shortage of revenue streams. Besides starring in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” he also works as a radio personality and recently opened a new Atlanta club.

“It was kind of like a bucket list thing,” he said of the job, adding that he looked into it after a friend’s suggestion. “But for anybody who really wants to do this, I think it’s a dope idea.”

Joc also mentioned the positive response he’s gotten from fans and fellow rappers about the gig.

“The most phenomenal thing of this going viral has been the support,” he said. “Hustlers gotta hustle!”