Meechy Darko’s father was fatally shot after reportedly attacking a Miami police officer. A spokesperson from the police department confirmed his death with XXL on Monday (Jan. 13).

According to a Miami PD press release, the rapper’s father Ryan O. Simms stabbed a Miami Beach police officer named Ricardo Castillo. The officer and other members of the force responded to a security call from local Mango’s Cafe on Saturday night (Jan. 11). Simms was accused of threatening staff with a knife.

When police arrived, Simms reportedly stabbed Castillo with the knife and was subsequently shot and killed by police. Castillo is currently in the Intensive Care Unit at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. The incident is currently under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Meechy acknowledged his father’s passing on Instagram.

“My heart is shattered.Never ever in my life felt pain like this before. On January 12th My father was Shot & Killed by Miami PD,” he wrote. “I’m trying to stay strong and be tough for him I’m filled with so many emotions right now I don’t want to come on here for any type of sympathy.”

The Flatbush Zombies rapper called attention to mental health, suggesting that his father struggled with mental illness.

“I want to spread this message To Any and everyone out there dealing with Mental illness Please get help. To Any and everyone out there that has a loved one dealing with mental illness Please help them. It’s not an easy road but it’s one that needs to be taken,” he wrote. “I wish there was a handbook or some type of guide for this. This has been a Battle that My Family and I have been dealing with for over a decade, suffering in silence. I used to think there was strength in that.”

“I was wrong though. We was wrong. Real strength is dropping the veil,” the post continued. “I love my father.So Much.Never once was ever ashamed of him despite what may have been going through mentally or what he may have thought in his head.”

Read the rest of Meechy’s somber post below.