R. Kelly’s two girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, recently got into a heated dispute that turned physical. The fight was caught on Instagram Live, however only a portion of the altercation was seen. TMZ has since obtained footage of the entire fight between Azriel and Joycelyn.

The initial video that surfaced was from Azriel’s Instagram. She later revealed injuries she sustained from the fight. In the recently released footage, Azriel and Joycelyn can both be seen throwing punched at one another. Azriel even drags Joycelyn across the floor. While the fight took place in the hallway, a woman could be heard advising someone attempting to break up the fight to “let her go,” saying that they should not get in the middle of the altercation. The fight was eventually broken up.

Amidst the screaming and yelling, Azriel asserts that she can fight because she is from Baltimore. Meanwhile Joycelyn is calling Azriel “crazy” and demanding that she get the “f—k off of her.”

After the fight, Azriel was taken to the hospital and Joycelyn turned herself in to the police and was booked for battery.

Azriel addressed Joycelyn’s arrest on social media, asking for her followers to pray for Joycelyn. “I woke up today happy but torn, I didn’t come to Chicago for Robert… only for Joy, whom he purposely separated us because he knew I’d try to make her go home. Please pray for Joy, this is just tough love so she can come to her own realization at her own timing,” she wrote.

Azriel has also revealed that she has come to the realization that Kelly had been manipulating her. Not only that, she is reportedly considering working with federal agents. However, she is fearful because she has lied to law enforcement in the past to protect the disgraced R&B singer.

“No one ever wakes up and says ‘today I’m going to be manipulated, or taken advantage of, or kidnapped’.. those are things you just cannot control,” she wrote on Twitter. “I never thought me and victim would ever be in the same sentence because I was too in denial.. but once you realize, your realize,” she tweeted.

Check out the full video of the altercation below.