NBA star Carmelo Anthony gave a single mother the gift of a lifetime – a new car. According to Fox Baltimore, Melo teamed up with online car buying platform, Gettacar, and gifted a woman named Shalita Addison with a 2017 Mazda CX3.

Anthony spoke of the partnership and told NBC Sports, “We partnered up and gave a car for the Holidays. We surprised a family who really needed it, and we made somebody’s holiday. We made a family happy, made some wishes come true. It’s a great feeling when you can do something like that and help a family out. It always put things in perspective when you see the impact that has on people.”

Addison’s car is currently broken down, which as a result has made it difficult for her to get to work, delivering pizzas. She also struggled to support her daughter at her college basketball games.

Addison spoke to Baltimore’s WMAR2 about the surprise gesture. “I’m so grateful,” she said. “Sometimes you don’t think that prayer works, but raising her and then she gets a D1 scholarship, just the odds of that are just like, you know what I mean? It makes you just keep pursuing your dreams and sometimes everything doesn’t workout, but like they always will.”

Addison is the mother of Mount St. Mary’s College basketball player Taylor Addison, who is a huge fan of Anthony. Taylor told the outlet that Carmelo inspired her to play basketball at a collegiate level.

Addison said that her new car will now allow her to travel to Mount St. Mary’s College in Newburgh, NY to watch her daughter play basketball.

As for Melo, the NBA star said that teaming up with Gettacar was a no-brainer, especially after hearing about Addison’s unfortunate situation.

Gettacar is based out of Philadelphia and delivers cars throughout the East Coast.

Check out the video below.