Boosie BadAzz is turning all of the backlash he received for wearing a Kappa Alpha Psi shirt into a positive.

The “Set It Off” rapper posted a video to his Instagram account asking the men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated to submit a video of their best strolls to his hit song, “Wipe Me Down.”

He says, “They had a lot of older Kappas who was upset cause I wore the shirt, so imma boss up and give back mane. I need all the Kappas to get five of yo homies dawg, and do a stroll off “Wipe Me Down.” The top four videos, that gotta be sent to my DM and @therealtq DM, the top four videos get to perform at Boosie Bash they step. You gotta do a video off “Wipe Me Down.” The winner will get 6 K cash. You know we gon give back mane.”

Boosie has been receiving a lot of backlash from people after he wore a Kappa shirt to the Houston Rockets vs Atlanta Hawks game.

Boosie responded to all of the backlash saying, “I WAS N THE MALL LOOKING FOR RED N SAW THE SWEATER N IT WAS HARD. YES I KNEW IT WAS A KAPPA SWEATER. I THOUGHT I WOULD GET LOVE FROM WEARING IT NOT HATE. CALM YALL AS DOWN BRA I WAS JUST GETTING FRESH #leavemealone.” He then captioned that post, “Y’all pissing me off frfr be mad at the mfs n the mall selling em for the low DONT BE MAD AT ME smh.”

He later apologized to the Kappas, but not without asking them to teach him how to do their strolls.

He said, “Aye check this out. Uhh, I wanna give a shout out to all the Kappas mane. If I offended y’all in any kind of way that’s my bad. You know, but uhh, I ain’t gon wear y’all shirt no more.”

He continued, “I just found out that y’all step to ‘Wipe Me Down.’ I pull it up on YouTube and all y’all do is step to ‘Wipe Me Down.’ So, I’m not gon wear the shirt but guess what y’all gotta do for me? Since y’all step off ‘Wipe Me Down’ y’all gotta teach me how to do the dance. Y’all gotta teach me how to do the Kappa stuff, the Kappa dance. Cause imma hit that bitch on Boosie Bash.”

Check out Boosie’s PSA for the #Wipemedownchallenge below.