Tupac Shakur was riding in Suge Knight’s black BMW 750Li when he was fatally shot at a Las Vegas intersection. Now, 23 years later, that same car has been fully restored and is on sale for $1.75 million at the Celebrity Cars dealership in Las Vegas.

“This is the actual car that Tupac Shakur was shot while riding in after a Fight at the MGM in Las Vegas,” the car’s description on the dealership website reads. “It was driven by Suge Knight and originally leased by Death Row Records. This is the first time this car has ever been up for sale or on display since his death in 1996. It has been completely restored to the condition it was in before his death and has just received a new coat of paint.”

The website further notes that “there is a small indentation where we believe one of the bullet holes was but it is hard to tell. Other than that it is fully restored. The wheels have been replaced with the same wheels that it had at the time of the shooting. It runs great and is in excellent condition.”

The car’s new owner will be provided with documentation proving ownership and history of the vehicle. The website also writes that the car has had “several owners” since Tupac’s death, but that the most recent owner put it through a full restoration.

This isn’t the first time Tupac’s possessions have been up for sale. In 2017, several pieces became available at a Los Angeles “Black Heritage Auction,” including the legendary rapper’s personal Quran, articles of clothing, iconic diamond nose stud, an annotated All Eyez On Me CD, Death Row Records medallion and even his inmate identification card.

Tupac was shot four times while stopped at a red light. He was pronounced dead on Sept. 13, six days later, after being held on life support in an intensive care unit. His official cause of death was ruled as respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest, caused by internal bleeding.