/  01.08.2020

Last November, Angie Martinez revealed she’d suffered severe injuries following a major car accident. After months of recovery and physical therapy, the radio legend returned to her Power 105.1 post on Monday (Jan. 7) and opened up about the incident.

“I can’t say too much, because insurance is still dealing with stuff, but my car—I was swerving out of the way to miss another car and I flew over a wall,” she said on-air. “It was like a 10-foot wall, and then the car dropped straight down.” 

“Luckily, I had my seatbelt on and it was daytime,” she continued. “I flew down into some trees, so when I tell you it’s a miracle—God is amazing. They had to cut the tree to get me out of the car.” 

Martinez further revealed she’d gone through two months of physical therapy after shattering her vertebrae.

“The thing is, you get a little bit better, but then you have to work a little bit harder in physical therapy,” she said. “So, it’s a process that I’m so happy to have… I’m very grateful.”

The Voice of New York’s WE tv series “Untold Stories of Hip Hop” premiered last September. The show aired six episodes through October, featuring guests like Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, A$AP Rocky and more. 

“It’s just the moments [and] the stories,” Martinez previously said of the show on “The Breakfast Club.” “People love a good hip hop story and there’s so many to tell.”

Also back in October, Martinez appeared on “Drink Champs” to describe “growing up” in radio and her legendary career interviews.

“[The interviews are] probably what I’m most proud of,” she said. “That I had those classic moments and I was lucky enough to be coming up when JAY-Z was starting his career, Nas was around and Wu-Tang, all those artists were coming up when I was coming up… [But] I could [also] sit down across somebody from now—last week I did Blueface, [and] I had a really big interview with Tekashi, before he went away of course.”

Find her episode below.

Angie Martinez’s “Drink Champs” episode


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