There seems to be trouble in paradise over at the R. Kelly Chicago residence.

His girlfriend Azriel Clary went live on Instagram and spilled ALL the tea. A physical fight broke out at Kelly’s Trump condo between Clary and Kelly’s other girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage. The whole incident was recorded on Clary’s Instagram live.

After the fight was broken up, Clary continued to stay on live and talk about Savage and Kelly. She claims that Kelly has been lying to everyone about sleeping with underage girls. She also claims that she and Savage lied in their interview with Gayle King to protect Kelly. She said, “Rob has been lying to all of y’all. And that’s the sad part about it. He’s been lying to y’all asses and had people like me lying for him. And that’s why we never watched the documentary.”

We all remember the infamous interview Kelly had with Gayle King. The interview went viral after Kelly got visibly emotional as he declared his innocence. He stood up and yelled in King’s face, “Believe me, man! This is not me! They lying on me! They’re lying on me!” Savage and Clary made an appearance in the interview and we adamant that they were not being held against their will. The women accused their parents of trying to scam money out of Kelly.

In the interview, Clary claimed that her father and mother were manipulative and sent threats to her and Kelly. She claims that her parents told her that they would post her nude photos online if Kelly didn’t send them $20,000.

Clary was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital with swelling and bruising to her face from the fight. She says that she will press charges on Savage so that she can be in jail with Kelly.

We will keep you updated with the latest involving Kelly and his girlfriends.