Less than two days after being released from jail, DaBaby is already previewing new music. The Charlotte-bred rapper posted $1,500 bail in Miami on Saturday (Jan. 4) after being arrested on a battery charge. In a new Instagram video, he seems to be carrying on just fine.

Posting a clip on Sunday (Jan. 5), DaBaby can be seen holding multiple wads of cash and rapping along to what appears to be an unreleased single. He also poses a potential business venture, writing that he’s considering opening up a 24-hour Krispy Kreme franchise on N. Tyron Street in his hometown.

“Think ima get back to Charlotte and put a 24 Hour Krispy Kreme Donut Franchise on N. Tryon,” he wrote. “No Cap.”

When DaBaby officially releases the previewed single, it will arrive hot off the heels of his chart-topping Kirk project.

The “Suge” rapper’s arrest is in connection with the alleged robbery of a concert promoter. The promoter claims that DaBaby stole $80, his iPhone and a credit card from him and poured apple juice on his head. The incident is allegedly based on a business deal, where DaBaBy says the promotor shorted him $10,000. He was subsequently arrested on Thursday (Jan. 2).

The promotor reportedly intends to sue everyone involved in the situation. DaBaby claims he was owed $30,000 for performing at a birthday celebration for Stunna 4 Vegas, but was instead paid $20,000. He hasn’t publicly commented on the arrest or incident yet.

DaBaby’s arrest follows a prior incident with the Charlotte Police Department. After performing at a show, he was detained for resisting a police officer and allegedly having marijuana in his car. He was let go later that same night, though, and DaBaby insisted he was the victim of unfair police targeting, as the cops searched his car without cause.