Actress Pam Grier, known for her roles in films like Foxy Brown and Jackie Brown, has denounced rumors that she is battling cancer. The actress set the record straight and has denied reports that she has stage 4 cancer.

The rumor mill quickly began buzzing after a false story was reposted on social media last week claiming that Grier had recently been diagnosed and was fighting for her life. A rep for Grier told TMZ that the rumors are just that – rumors. The rep also confirmed that the actress is as healthy as ever and is working on season 3 of her ABC show, “Bless This Mess.”

Grier was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer in 1988 and was given 18 months to live. However, thanks to aggressive treatment, Grier beat the odds and has remained in remission ever since, according to TODAY.

The veteran actress spoke with about her cervical cancer diagnosis. Grier said she went to the doctor for a routine cervical smear and later received a call that her physician found abnormal cells in her test results.

“They couldn’t operate or start treatment for another six weeks, as I’d already had surgery and my body had gone through so much trauma,” she told the outlet. “They gave me only 16-18 months to live and was told to start preparing for treatment and to organize my will. I coped from minute to minute. I went home to ponder this 2in-thick folder [of information] they give you.”

Grier, who described her treatment as a full-time job, said that she realized who her real friends were during that time in her life. “In 1988 the C-word meant: ‘Oh my God, you’re going to die. There is no hope.’ You learn who your friends are when you have cancer,” she said.

Aside from chemotherapy treatment, Grier said that her doctor referred her to a Chinese herbalist, where she was prescribed “herbs and tinctures. It also taught me to drink hot tea with my food to get rid of toxins.”