DaBaby was recently accused of robbing a concert promoter for “$80, a credit card, and then doused him with apple juice” because the North Carolina rapper felt the promoter had shorted him by several thousand dollars for a performance, according to a police report obtained by TMZ. The outlet also reported that members of his crew jumped the man in the process of taking his belongings.

The victim apparently plans to obtain a lawyer and take legal action. The concert promoter told TMZ that several attorneys have contacted him to offer their services to sue the rapper. The promoter, who sustained cuts and bruises on his face during the altercation, said that he plans to sue the rapper and everyone that was involved in the incident.

The promoter has also shared his account of what took place. He said that he was hired to throw a birthday party for rapper Stunna 4 Vegas at a Florida nightclub on Thursday (Jan. 2). He also said he made a deal with DaBaby to host the event and because the two rappers are friends, the promoter said DaBaby was going to host for a discounted rate of $30,000. The man said that he arrived with $20,000 and told the rapper that he would receive the remaining $10,000 once the event was over. However, he claims DaBaby and his crew got upset and things took a violent turn.

The promoter said he sought medical attention from a doctor because of the severity of his injuries. He also said that the assault video is hard for him and his family to watch.

The promoter added that DaBaby’s crew took the $20,000 from him and has yet to return it.

DaBaby was arrested in connection with the case and he is currently jail in Miami, but not because of this incident. The rapper had an outstanding warrant in Dallas for organized criminal activity stemming from a fight that took place at The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport last month.

He will reportedly remain in custody until further notice.