Adrien Broner has some explaining to do after he was caught sliding in the DM’s of 16-year-old, Bhad Bhabie.

Bhad Bhabie posted, and deleted, a screenshot of the direct message to her Instagram account. In the screenshot you can see a notification of a direct message from Broner that read, “Text me crazy girl.” She then posted a video clip from Akon’s hit song, “Locked Up,” insinuating that Broner would be going to jail for trying to talk to a minor.

Broner has now issued a statement regarding the direct message and claims that it was all just an “honest mistake.”

According to The Shade Room, “Broner exclusively tells us that it’s all a misunderstanding. AB described the situation as an ‘honest mistake.’ ’Nobody want to date a kid but I fault Instagram for not having people’s age on they profile, Broner said. ‘I thought she was grown the way she out here moving…’ but he said it’s clearly not time to ‘catch her outside.’”

Her fans immediately went after Broner on his social media accounts with comments saying that he should go to jail. They even tagged the FBI and Atlanta police in his comments.

Broner’s ex, Arie Nicole, took to her Instagram account to make fun of her baby daddy. She posted, “SHIT! I DONT TOLD HIM TO FIND A STEP MAMA NOT A STEP CHILD.”

Last year, Broner was ordered to pay over $800,000 to a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her in nightclub back in 2018. The woman, who is using the alias Katherine Larson, claims she was sitting on a couch when Broner smothered her and shoved his tongue down her throat at a Cleveland nightclub. Larson claims he continued the assault until his friend pulled him off of her. She went to the police and filed a report and later filed a lawsuit against Broner.