Just days after Juicy J took to Twitter to apologize to his fans for inspiring them to do drugs, his Three 6 Mafia bandmate DJ Paul says that the group will continue to make music with drug references.

Juicy J took to social media to hold himself accountable for influencing any of his fans to partake in drug use. “If I inspired anybody to do drugs, I apologize,” he tweeted.

TMZ caught Paul in LAX and asked about the group’s upcoming tour and whether or not Juicy J’s apology will affect what they perform on the tour.

Paul did confirm that the group will be going on tour in 2020. He also says that people will do whatever they want whether or not a song hypes them up to do it. He then says that if you can stay off of drugs, you should. He says that people should not let music influence them to do drugs the same way they don’t let movie characters influence them to commit murder.

Juicy J has spoken about his recreational drug use in the past. During a 2014 interview with City Pages, he explained, “I do not do drugs constantly and I’m not at the strip club every day, no… I smoke weed, you know what I’m saying, but I do things responsibly. I’m not gonna overdose on any drug. I’m not a crazy person like that. I’m responsible for whatever I do. I enjoy living, you know what I’m saying? And you have to be smart about everything you do. You can’t be stupid. You drink too much water you could kill yourself. You could OD on water. It’s true. You never overdo yourself on anything. You gotta be responsible if you like living on this earth.”

Do you think music can influence someone to do drugs? Check out what DJ Paul had to say below.