The man who tried to abduct a young woman from the New York City subway has been arrested.

The chilling video of the attempted abduction quickly went viral on social media. In the video you see a man in red, identified as 48-year-old Sonny Alloway, tap a sleeping woman several times as he tries to talk to her. The woman, whose name and age have not been released, can be seen putting her hoodie back over her face and trying to go back to sleep, with her head on the shoulder of her friend, who is also asleep.

The subway then begins to pull into the station. It was at this moment that Alloway grabbed the woman and carried her off the subway into the station. The woman screamed and kicked before he let her go and she ran back onto the subway.

The woman’s friend woke up after hearing her screams. “Get the fuck up,” she yelled to her friend. She told him that Alloway “grabbed me off the train,” according to the video. “Who grabbed you?” the man responded. The friend walked off the subway to approach Alloway, but quickly turned around and got back on the subway before the doors closed. The alleged kidnapper sat on a bench as if nothing had happened, before making his way out of the station.

Men in the community found Alloway after the incident and beat him on video. The men called Alloway a “fucking rapist.” He can be seen telling the men that he wasn’t a rapist and claims that he tried to help the girl on the subway. The men followed Alloway down the street as they yelled at him to “get the fuck off the block.”

Police say he was apprehended Monday afternoon near the intersection of Rosedale and Randall avenue. He was charged with unlawful imprisonment.

Take a look at the chilling video below.