Future is making sure his alleged baby mama stops slandering him to the public.

According to legal documents obtained by BOSSIP, right before Christmas, Future filed for an evidentiary hearing on his motion for a gag order in Eliza Seraphin’s paternity lawsuit. The rapper claims that she is spreading “false and baseless allegations.”

BOSSIP reports that, “a source with knowledge of the situation believes that Future may be taking his time in pursuing the gag order as a tactic to drag the case out and delay him from having to take a DNA test.” Until the gag order motion is resolved, the paternity case cannot move forward.

Seraphin has lashed out at her alleged baby daddy multiple times on social media. She has started an anti-Future campaign with t-shirts that have “1-800-DEAD-BEAT” written across the chest. She has also teamed up with Cindy Parker, another woman who claims that Future fathered her son, Legend. The two took DNA tests of their children to prove that they were siblings. The test showed that the children had a 99.9% chance of having the same father.

Future has said before that he wants to have more children. While making an appearance at Big Boy TV, Future admitted that he loves the idea of adding on to his legacy. The “Mask Off” rapper states that he has a special bond with his sons.

“I’m building my legacy,” he began. “I hustle for my last name. You got to understand when you have a girl, they give away your last name. My sons, I’m just thinking about we got all our last names; it’s gonna be huge. When like, 50 years, 60 years from now, you going to speak of me. You going to speak of my legacy. And that’s what you do. This is what I worked for. Why would you work, have all this and just to leave it with one kid. And then something happen and there is no more of y’all.”

Future is currently overseas with his alleged girlfriend Lori Harvey.