Future’s Sunday night (Dec. 29) concert was derailed after an unruly fan jumped up on stage. The rapper was right in the middle of performing “Mask Off” during his first headlining performance in Lagos, Nigeria at the Eko Convention Centre when one man rushed onstage.

Video was captured of the incident, which shows a fan, wearing a bright yellow shirt, randomly jumping onto the state and appearing to lunge toward Future. Stage security quickly took the fan down after Future pushed him out of the way. The DJ, who had previously been rapping along to “Mask Off,” pauses the show, saying, “hold on, hold on.”

This isn’t the first time a fan has disrupted one of Future’s shows. Back in July, one of Future’s bodyguards reportedly had to intervene after a group of fans at a Spain concert got upset when Future denied them a photo. Future’s bodyguard had to fight off a few of the fans but one of them landed a punch after rushing up from behind, after which Future ran up to the guard to see if he was ok.

The incident was recorded by an onlooker and posted on social media. Shortly after the incident went viral, Future denied ever witnessing the attack and demanded that he be left out of coverage about the event entirely. On his Instagram story he called the fans “fake goons.”

At this time, it’s unknown whether or not the Nigeria fan was subsequently kicked out of the show or simply directed back toward the crowd.

In other Future news, the Atlanta heavyweight was recently spotted at a McDonald’s with Drake and reportedly appeared to be shooting a music video together. Hendrix fans will remember that the new year will mark the fifth anniversary of Future and Drake’s joint album, What A Time To Be Alive.