Kevin Gates took to Instagram on Sunday (Dec. 29) to share some exciting news. The Baton Rouge rapper announced that he and his wife, Dreka, are expecting their third child.

“You got something in the slow cooker!” he joked in the Instagram video, after leaning down to kiss his wife’s pregnant stomach. The two appear to be giddy with happiness in the clip, which Gates captioned, “What’s meant to be is meant to be.”

This year, Gates has been working to repair his relationship with his wife, which he says was damaged by his 30-month prison sentence stemming from a 2013 gun charge.

“My relationship was severed when I went to prison, because I severed the relationship. I had a fear of having any weakness or being vulnerable,” he told Billboard ahead of the release of his I’m Him album. “That’s why I made the song ‘Find You Again.’ I had to learn to love her again after so long because I pushed her away. This is a burden that none of us want.”

“And it’s beautiful, because you realize and you appreciate qualities about a person that you might’ve overlooked at one time. It was like going through the dating phase again,” he continued. “It was like one of those movies, like 50 First Dates, but in a really romantic way. You gotta make this person fall in love with you again because they have no memory or recollection of who you were at that time. Because you’re a different person every time you come home, you grow.”

Gates’ I’m Him album also focused on his newfound positivity and overcoming mental obstacles. The feature-less project arrived this September.

“I’m watching Kevin Gates grow,” he said of his new project. “I’m proud of it. He’s starting not to make excuses. He’s starting to hold himself accountable. I’m proud of him. It took a little longer then it took for most people. Women mature faster than men, but I’m proud of him.”

The new baby will be Gates’ third child with Dreka, after Islah and Khaza. See his sweet Instagram announcement below.