Big Sean and Jhene Aiko spent the holidays together are apparently rekindling their romance. The “Triggered” singer shared holiday photos on social media, which included a picture of Sean wearing a white hoodie featuring her album cover on the front, while standing in front of a large Christmas tree.

The couple has recently been spotted together following their split earlier this year, after dating for three years.

Jhene addressed the breakup on social media back in March after being questioned by a fan. “Me and Sean are good,” she wrote. “I’ve got tons of love for him. I know you all love the drama and would like to think everything I do or say is about him, but I’ve been through plenty of other things and situations that I pull inspiration from when I sit down to create a song.”

Meanwhile, following the release of Big Sean’s record “Single Again” in July, he professed his love for Jhene. “@JheneAiko I appreciate you supporting me on this one and I want to just say I love you unconditionally. You amazing, talented, every song we do special to me! People gon say whatever but it is what it is. I could have txt u this I know but I want people to know I appreciate you,” he wrote on Twitter at the time.

Jhene has never been one to shy away from letting Sean know how she feels about him. She took to the rapper’s comment section in April and shared what was on her heart.

Under Sean’s post in tribute of Nipsey Hussle, she wrote, “You are so special to me. While we’re both on this planet I just want to say… I love you beyond measure. Even tho I get big mad and u trigger the f–k out of me. u make me feel. and i appreciate that. because i thought i was dead inside. my ego has no say when it comes to you. and my heart has been broken a thousand times just to expand. it always finds room for you.” She added, “Imma always have ur back.”

Check out the photo of Big Sean in the hoodie with Jhene’s album cover on it below.