Things got heated between Swae Lee and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz. According to TMZ and footage obtained by the outlet, Ortiz apparently tried to break the windows on the Rae Sremmurd member’s car. She also offered $20,000 to have him killed.

In the video footage, Ortiz can be seen recording the “Guatemala” rapper in his driveway next to what has been described as his Lamborghini Urus. She can also be heard saying that she tried to buts the windows in his car, while also calling him a “broke a— n—a.” The clip also included a caption, which says, “Someone kill him I got 20k cash for you.”

Ortiz quickly retracted her statement. On her Instagram Story, she wrote, “I was mad and meant nothing I said. We good now u guys can chill.”

It is unclear if the police were called at any point during or after the incident.

The rapper’s mom stepped in and addressed the situation. She told Ortiz via social media, “IF ANYBODY TOUCHES MY SON I WILL PUT A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD MYSELF.” She also shared a text message that she sent her son, voicing her concerns about his relationship.

Swae Lee and Ortiz have had a tumultuous past filled with cheating accusations, alleged verbal abuse and allegations of violence. Back in September, Ortiz was arrested for allegedly headbutting the rapper in what police believe was an altercation that escalated and became physical.

Ortiz reportedly struck Swae as well before being kicked out by security.

She also allegedly called 911 and claimed the rapper sexually assaulted her, but when police arrived her story was a bit different. Ortiz admitted to starting the altercation by destroying items in the rapper’s home and hitting him, but she also claimed that he strangled her.

Neither Swae Lee nor Ortiz had visible marks, but the police decided to arrest Ortiz based on evidence.

Ortiz also accused the rapper of cheating on her and being verbally abusive back in March.