Free agent Antonio Brown was invited to workout with the New Orleans Saints, despite pending sexual assault allegations made against him by his personal trainer. CBS Sports reports that the team is “willing to do their due diligence on him,” as he was one of six free agent receivers to work out with the team on Friday (Dec. 27).

Brown announced the invite to work out with the Saints on social media by posting a photo of the waiver, which was deleted shortly after.

Saints head coach Sean Payton spoke on his decision to bring Brown in to workout with his team. “The process is something we take seriously, and it’s important relative to the makeup of the team,” said Payton. “We’re doing our homework. I think part of that is credibility we’ve already established. There’s been a number of players that we’ve signed or drafted in years past. Some worked out, some haven’t. I had never met him before, so I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him, just like I did with the other five players.”

According to CNN, Brittney Taylor sued Brown and alleged that the football star sexually assaulted her twice in June 2017 and raped her at his Florida home in May 2018. Brown denied the allegations made against him and filed court documents saying that they had consensual sexual acts in 2017 and sexual intercourse once in May 2018.

Brown also countersued Taylor, accusing her of defamation, which caused him to lose professional contracts.

He said in his countersuit, “Taylor’s false accusations about Brown interfered with the contracts and business relationships he had with the NFL, as well as multiple businesses with whom he had contracts for sponsorships and endorsements, resulting in significant financial loss for Brown.”

CBS Sports reports that the Saints did not sign Brown or any of the other receivers that were invited to work out with the team immediately after the workout.